Friday, 24 August 2012

Day Of The Triffids...

... well, tomatoes. And uber chilli plants.

As today has been quite a quiet, positive day, I thought I would introduce you to the 'other' members of the family. The plants (and I don't mean my in-laws).

About to climb out of their pots
No, the picture wasn't taken on an angle, the plants are so fucking big that I can't keep them upright properly. They're fed every three waters, but most of this seems to have come from neglect. If they keep growing like this I may have to feed them the dog. But look what we're getting.....

Snack time for the kids just got SO much cheaper! :D

Not only do we have mahoosive tomato plants, we also have mega-chillies. Three types: Habanero, Fatalii, and Cayenne.

A medium sized Habanero

Yummy Fatalii

Spicy Cayennes

They Cayennes are still ripening, but we've already had one crop of both of the Habanero and the Fatalii. The habanero has more of the flavour of it's cousin the pepper, obviously with added warmth, and the fatalii has a bananary/melony (and YES they are words) flavour with a lot more heat. The Cayennes will blow your head off when they're ready!

Most of our crop get eaten or given away, but next years crop should be bigger and we can start considering freezing some.

The only other member of our leafy part of the household I have to introduce you too is Lady Bathory, my Sarracenia. I luff her. She's not looking at her best at the moment as it coming to the end of her season, but she's still pretty darn magnificent. 

My other little lady

And finally, the other plant....

If he was any dumber he'd need watering once a week....

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