Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mind The Gap....

I know it's been a while since I last posted, but things have been fairly traumatic and stressful, not to mention busy. Because of all the drama I can't switch my brain off, which means I stop sleeping. Last night I managed 4 hours. I can normally function on 5, but it's not good and the depression kicks in. It's now been 6 nights in a row.

If I told you everything that has been going on you'll be asleep on your keyboard, so I'll give you an overview.

Mr Creeps has finally left work and been signed off by his GP as suffering from depression and fatigue. He's been off for a week, and frankly, the effect has been very positive. He's still very fatigued, but his sense of humour has returned. I've left him to do as he pleases this week, but next week we're back into gear. His new platelet count is Thursday, and after that he can go back to eating all the things he loves.

With both of us out of work I've spent most of this week fighting with BCC, HMRC and DWP. I still have Mr Creeps SSP forms to deal with. Hopefully it should only have to be done once. I thank my lucky stars we have such a FABULOUS accountant. She and her firm, SMA Services Ltd are amazing and I can't thank them enough. Should anyone in the south west be looking an accountant she is one of the best. We luffs her. -.-

Have seen  'Shewhowillnotbenamedunlessshechoosestobe' a couple of times this week, which has been lovely. She has finally taken the last of her stuff out of the spare room so now I can start using it store up the packed boxes. Keep an eye on eBay for some lovely size 8 and 10 clothes and lots of shoes!

So, things I have learned over the last few weeks:

  1. No matter how many lists you write, you will always forget something. Quite often the list.
  2. Not everyone who works for government agencies are total arseholes.
  3. My dog is more of an idiot than I thought.
  4. I seem to be partnered to the lead character from 'Unbreakable'.*
  5. 'Spaced' is a bad thing to have on if you're trying to do something that requires concentration.
  6. As is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, The Big Bang Theory, or Come Dine With Me....
  7. Keira Knightly makes me want to throw things at the TV.
  8. No matter what you organise, it will all have to be altered at least three times and ad libbed on the day.
  9. I am too old for this shit.
  10. Apparently, running away screaming is not an option.

Off to Mum & Dad's later and hopefully getting to visit the school tomorrow and go and meet some people in the town. Hopefully, I shall get some sleep tonight so that I don't sound like a drunken monkey. Always a downer on first impressions. 

*Mr Creeps was given a blood test by his GP to just check the rest of him in case there was another reason for the fatigue. He actually had to double check the results belonged to Mr Creeps because it turns out that he has the cholesterol levels of a 20 year old. Not only that, but he has a liver function and kidney function of someone half his age. For those of you who don't know him in real life - this is a man who nearly bled to death a year ago, has been on antibiotics and steroids for nearly two years, and 6 months ago was told if he didn't stop drinking he'd suffer long term consequences. He's apparently healthier than me. I love him and I'm really pleased, but FOR FUCKS SAKE!

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