Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The light at the end of the tunnel....

..... can be quite deceiving. Sometimes it looks like the light's gone out, but actually you're just going round a bend. In my case, going round THE bend would be just as appropriate.

Today was much better. Had a good discussion with our accountant in regards to what we need to do to have an income. Mr Creeps is eligible for SSP paid by the government, it seems, which is very helpful.

I had further discussions with the Haematology team as to what meds Mr Creeps can keep taking and what we should avoid, even in his diet. Sadly for him, a lot of the things he likes such as garlic, ginger, oily fish, and alcohol are all no goes. And less obvious things like pineapple have to be avoided too. So no lunches of mackerel stir-fry and pineapple smoothies for him then.

Had a good chat with Nanny Creeps who has agreed to have the kids next week to give us a bit of space so we can start sorting out some of accumulated crap, catch up on some sleep, go to the chiropractors, and have some 'Creepy-Time'. :D

Creeeeepy Time :D

Another little ray of sunshine was that I'd only put on 1lb at my weigh in today, when I was expecting about a 4lb gain, AND when I got home with the kids I discovered that the council had been and painted in all the double yellow lines down our roads they have been promising us for the last 18 months. Abandon yer cars all over the fucking roads now, yer bastards! :D

The only real pain in the ass today was discover that if I wanted to go anywhere in Henleaze, Westbury, or Redland by bus I was thwarted at every turn. There are 3 major roads closed (including ours - currently right over the top junction, so we all have to go the long way round) because Wessex Water are improving the water mains, which means all the buses have been re-routed and they're all running late (though with Wessex you don't notice the difference). I must have walked nearly 5 miles today to get everywhere I need to go, and now my right ankle is very sore.

A smaller disappointment came in Max's dinner. We got him a Little Dish Fish Pie, which he adores, only to find that they had forgotten to put on the potato!

Mmmmmm, yummy...

He ate it anyway.


  1. Did you not complain about the potatoless fish pie? I would have been angrily tweeting away.

    That's good news about the SSP, you can claim Housing Benefit whilst receiving it.

    1. I have taken pics and still have receipt and the outer sleeve. I shall be emailing them later. -.- To be fair, he ate it and only briefly complained about lack of spuds. I'm only really going to tell them so they know something slipped the net. If I get something out of it, all the better.

      HB - thank the Gods! Also, our fantastic, wonderful, divine accountant ALSO found a way of adjusting my 'contract' so that Mr Creeps can lay me off (oooer!) and taken me back on without me having to come up with a P45! and it's legal! :D