Sunday, 9 September 2012

Running Just To Stand Still....

.... is pretty much what I feel like I spend my time doing at the moment.

The last week has been so busy. Tuesday was taken up with getting Evil Monkey 1 ready for school, getting Mr Creeps to the chiropractor, and my slightly crazy 'new claimant' JSA interview. Apparently, if I was making this claim a year ago I would be on Income Support as, not only to do I have a child under 5, but I am also in no position to look for work as Mr Creeps could be going in for his op at any time. At that point in time I have to sign off from JSA, apply for Carers Allowance for 6 weeks (which I might not get), and then sign back on. The advisers all KNOW that this is insane, but can't be seen to be seen to cutting me any slack, so I have to be seen to be looking for work, even though they know that's unrealistic. It's not their fault, and they admit that it's a hole in the system, but I have to just try and work within the system.

Wednesday was Evil Monkey 1's first day back at school and my first 'signing on' day.

Thursday was Mr Creep's very early next appointment at the Vampire Haematology Clinic. They took another quarter of a pint of his blood, which even  though he's a big bloke, does make him feel a bit special, so we took a very well behaved Evil Monkey 2 to Roccotillo's for a late breakfast. A bit later a family friend, the Silver Surfer, came over to catch up and to play through Lego Star Wars to open up some more of the characters and some more of the bonus levels for Evil Monkey 1. It was a terrible hardship for him.

Friday was just busy. Evil Monkey 2 met one of her new teachers again, which all went very well. She is now looking forward to school even more!

Saturday was the first kids party in a while and was a bit like pulling teeth. Fortunately, there was wine. Which helped.

We ARE doing stuff towards moving, but it's all tied in with everything else, and we're waiting to hear the results of the blood tests on Tuesday. Pffft. There's only so much you can do.

Another busy week this week, especially with Evil Monkey 2 starting school. Not entirely sure I'm ready for this bit....

I should add a big THANK YOU! To Nicola Carpenter, who recently published some of my photos on her blog about graveyards and hauntings called 'Beneath Thy Feet', which has been featured in the Sun's magazine section.


  1. Oh, you're welcome! You can now link up on Sundays.

    I know it feels never ending at the moment, but I do hope things start to get better soon xxx

    Herding Cats & Beneath Thy Feet

    1. I think it's just because it's all so huge at the moment. It's like standing at the bottom of the first mountain you ever climb and looking up and wondering how you'll ever make it to the top.

      One step at a time. :D